Authentic or Fake ?

We can give you a first opinion free upon reception of photos by email. 
This opinion could be positive, meaning that we should examine the piece to authenticate it as there's a high possibility that the piece is genuine. If so, we will, register the piece in our archives and issue a certificate. 

This opinion could be also negative meaning that there's a high possibility that the piece is not by Dali in our opinion.  At that step, the client will have to invest the minimum fees for physical examination.

If you want to have it confirmed, we have to proceed to the physical examination of the piece and of course we will invoice you
3% of the value with a minimum of EUR 600 / USD 720.

We use the value given by Sotheby's or Christie's to us and cross check with a market value given by The Salvador Dalí Gallery (CA).  The value is then discussed and agreed with the client.

In France or in USA ?

If the piece is examined in France (you can send it to us) there's in addition the VAT of 19,6% payable on the fees.

If we examine the piece in US, there's no Vat but there's an additional fee of USD 720 to cover the travel expense. 

The expenses have to be paid before (by wire to our account) or during the examination. 

Usually Nicolas Descharnes fly to NYC every 3 month.

If the piece is not by the hand of Dalí in our opinion, we will issue a letter stating that. The fee is USD 400 / EUR 300 in addition of the expenses if the piece is examine outside France (USD 720).
If the client requires additional services for lawsuit, etc, additional fees will be required.

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